A week in the Yasawas – Fiji


Day 1: Nadi > Waya Island
Day 2: Waya Island
Day 3: Waya Island > Nanuya Lailai Island
Day 4: Nanuya Lailai Island
Day 5: Nanuya Lailai Island > Nacula Island
Day 6: Nacula Island
Day 7: Nacula Island > Nadi

Fiji Island Hopping : Bula Pass

Detailed Fiji Itinerary

IMG-5369.jpgDay 1: Nadi > Waya Island

Distance: Ferry (2h:30m)
Highlights: Relax on the beach, snorkel, dive or kayak.
Stay: Octopus Resort Fiji

IMG-5406.jpgDay 2: Waya Island

Distance: –
Highlights: Enjoy a morning hike to the highest point of Waya Island. Visit the beach connecting Waya Island and Wayasewa Island. Visit the village and attend a Kava ceremony.
Stay: Octopus Resort Fiji

IMG-5404.jpgDay 3: Waya Island > Nanuya Lailai Island

Distance: Ferry (2h:30m)
Highlights: Relax, kayak and snorkelling in the famous Blue Lagoon Beach.
Stay: Nanuya Island Resort

IMG-5391.jpgDay 4: Nanuya Lailai Island

Distance: –
Highlights: Go for a walk over the Island for a great views and make sure to stop at Lo’s Tea House.
Stay: Nanuya Island Resort

IMG-5394.jpgDay 5: Nanuya Lailai Island > Nacula Island

Distance: Ferry (0h:30m)
Highlights: Spend the day relaxing at the beach, kayaking, snorkelling or diving.
Stay: Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

IMG-5400.jpgDay 6: Nacula Island

Distance: –
Highlights: Explore Sawailau Caves and visit a local village.
Stay: Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

IMG-5413.jpgDay 7: Nacula Island > Nadi

Distance: Ferry (4h:30m)
Highlights: Last day in paradise. Enjoy the beach before the ferry back to Nadi. Once in Nadi visit Sri Siva Subramaniya before the flight back.