Bulgaria – Bosnia – Serbia – Romania

Balkans Road Trip Itinerary


Day 1: Sofia
Day 2: Sofia > Sarajevo
Day 3: Sarajevo
Day 4: Sarajevo
Day 5: Sarajevo > Belgrade
Day 6: Belgrade
Day 7: Belgrade > Brasov
Day 8: Brasov > Bucharest
Day 9: Bucharest > Veliko Tarnovo
Day 10: Veliko Tarnovo > Sofia

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Detailed Balkans Itinerary

Snapseed (48).jpgDay 1: Sofia

Distance: Walking distance
Highlights: Full day discovering the capital of Bulgaria. Must sees; Zhenski Pazar, Saint Sofia Monument, Banya Bashi, Alexander Nevski Cathedral and more.
Stay: Hostel Mostel

IMG-1724.jpgDay 2: Sofia > Sarajevo

Distance: 600km – 9h:00m
Highlights: Full day driving and enjoying the Serbian landscapes. Stop in Visegrád.
Stay: Travellers Home Hostel

Snapseed (49).jpgDay 3: Sarajevo

Distance: Walking distance
Highlights: Spend the morning walking around Sebilj to discover Sarajevo old town and make sure to stop at Teahouse Dzirlo for a drink. Join a free Tour or visit a museum during the afternoon to dig deeper into history.
Stay: Travellers Home Hostel

IMG-1725.jpgDay 4: Sarajevo

Distance: 35km – 1h:30m
Highlights: Visit the abandoned venues of 1984 Winter Olympics and the Sarajevo Tunnel. Spend the night out at Kino Bosna to feel you are in Sarajevo.
Stay: Travellers Home Hostel

Snapseed (47).jpgDay 5: Sarajevo > Belgrade

Distance: 292km – 4h:50m
Highlights: Morning drive through Bosnia countryside. During the afternoon visit the beautiful Belgrade Fortress. Night out in the lively capital of the former Yugoslavia.
Stay: Hostel Skadarlija Sunrise

Snapseed (46).jpgDay 6: Belgrade

Distance: Walking distance and public transport
Highlights: Visit the House of Flowers (Tito Mausoleum) and the ruins of the former Yugoslav Ministry of Defense.
Stay: Hostel Skadarlija Sunrise

Snapseed (45).jpgDay 7: Belgrade > Brasov

Distance: 660km – 11h:00m
Highlights: Full day on the road. Cross the border between Serbia and Romania through the amazing Djerdap National Park and take a detour to drive on the Transfagarasan highway.
Stay: Jugen Stube Hostel

Snapseed (44).jpgDay 8: Brasov > Bucharest

Distance: 170km – 2h:30m
Highlights: Morning walk around Brasov the greatest city of Transylvania. On the way to Bucharest visit Dracula’s Bran Castle. Night out in Bucharest.
Stay: Rembrandt Hotel

IMG-1732.jpgDay 9: Bucharest > Veliko Tarnovo

Distance: 182km – 2h:45m
Highlights: Visit the highlights of Bucharest city center (Palace of Parliament, Equestrian statue of Carol I and the Old Town).
Stay: Bela Neda Hotel

Snapseed (43).jpg

Day 10: Veliko Tarnovo > Sofia

Distance: 220km – 2h:45m
Highlights: Visit Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria’s former capital and drive to Sofia Airport for an afternoon flight.
Stay: Flight back home